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Little Leaders

A Pre-School by IIT-IIM Alumni

It is a prominent chain of preschools and childcare centres in India that was founded in 2009 by Leaders Learning House Pvt. Ltd.

It is the initiative of a dedicated group of professionals in the fields of education, child care, and development who have been working relentlessly for excellence for the past 50 years and are now passing the torch to younger generations.

The school places a high priority on the whole development of its students. The curriculum is developed by a skilled team of researchers, which pays close attention to each student's overall needs from physical to emotional.

Play Group

Children engage in various playbased activities like building blocks, storytelling, and at the same time social interaction, and basic education also given to them, so as to enhance their creativity and imagination.


Pre-nursery has a wide & varied curriculum & approach, but the main focus is on creating a safe and nurturing environment that encourages exploration, socialization, and the development of foundational skills.


Little Leaders has a perfect experientially designed curriculum for nursery students. It focuses on their fine motor skills, language development, communication skills, and creative expressions. Besides, instills healthy habits in them to foster their growth.


The students of Kindergarten are provided with a supportive and engaging learning environment where they can develop academically, socially, and emotionally. Also, helps in their problem-solving skills to contribute in their development.


Why Little Leaders

Physical and
Mental Health

We focus on every child’s physical and mental health through our well-designed curriculum and cocurricular activities.

Social and Emotional intelligence

The school provides kids with essential tools to navigate the world, and thrive both academically and personally.


It empowers learners to take ownership of their learning and makes them more motivated and invested in their learning.

Mastering Communication Skills

Creating communicators who confidently express and powerfully connect with the people around them.

Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

Motivating little minds to innovate and unleash their true potential with creativity.

Information & Technology

Our learners achieve excellence with traditional and new technological learning pedagogies.


Best facilities
for your kids

100% Female Staff

The school has 100% female staff, who is full of empathy, excellence, and dedication for our little ones.

CCTV Surveillance

To ensure students’ safety and security in the school premises, the school has facility of live CCTV surveillance.

Nutritious Food

Our cafeteria provides our little leaders with all the necessary nutrients and balanced meals.


What is the right age for a child to go to a play school?
Little Leaders Playschool often welcomes children as young as 18 months old, assisting them in honing their observational skills and enhancing their learning capacities.
What is the Admission Process?
You may apply for admission by link, Admission Application Form. Once the application is submitted, the admission team shall get in touch with you to take the process forward. For any queries contact the school. Alternatively, you can visit the school between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm on any working day.
How much parental involvement does a play school expect?
Little Leaders Playschool generally anticipates a moderate level of parental involvement. This may include regular communication with teachers about the child's progress and participation in school events and activities. Sometimes, we also require parents to volunteer in the classroom or on school committees. Therefore, rational parental involvement is needed as per every child’s needs.
Is there any emphasis given to speaking to a child in a particular language?
Learners at Little Leaders Play School are taught to communicate efficiently and effectively using the introduced language, and the mother tongue that is introduced to them long before they enter the premises is nurtured alongside English as the primary language of instruction by the educators. Because our educators are often multilingual, every learner eventually learns to speak effectively in both English and their mother tongue.
How do you ensure the quality of the faculty of the school?
We take great care in recruiting our instructors and educators, who we believe are the foundation of our educational system. We ensure that we select educators with the necessary knowledge and attitude by implementing different stages for teacher recruitment. It begins with a profoundly self-reflective application form, then moves on to personal and subject interviews, as well as class demonstrations. Also, regular training workshops are held to continuously improve the faculty's abilities and keep them up to date on the current advancements in the field of education.
What are the safety and security measures at your school?
Little Leaders Playschool have measures in place to ensure the safety and security of the children in their care, which are:
Secure entrances and exits: to prevent unauthorized access to the building.
CCTV cameras: to monitor the premises and ensure the safety of children
Background checks for staff and volunteers: to ensure that those who are working with children have no history of abuse or neglect
Emergency response plan: to ensure that staff are prepared to respond quickly and effectively in case of an emergency
Child protection policy: to ensure that any incidents of abuse or neglect are reported and handled appropriately.
Is it compulsory to attend PTM?
Parent-teacher meetings are an important way for parents and teachers to communicate about a child's progress in school. These meetings allow parents to stay informed about their child's academic performance, behavior, and overall well-being in school. Also, provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss any concerns or issues that may be impacting the child's success in school and work together to address them. Attending PTMs helps to build a positive and collaborative relationship between parents and teachers, which can ultimately benefit the child.

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